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Samsung 8kg top load washing machine

Samsung 8kg top load washing machine



Model Number: WA80F5G4DJW
Capacity Wash kg:  8 kg
Height (mm): 1100 mm
Width (mm): 610 mm
Depth (mm): 705 mm
Spin Speed:  720 RPM
Weight (kg): 44 Kg
Warranty: 2 Years,11 Year Warranty on DI Motor

Double Storm Pulsator – ideal for heavily soiled work wear


Samsung 8kg top load washing machine

The Samsung 8kg top load washer looks great and is easy to use. Clothes come out clean and it is very quiet. It has auto water sensing technology that will determine how much water is required for each wash. I found this to be problematic as the machine only fills enough water to cover the clothes with not much wiggle room for the clothes to move. I prefer the clothes to have a little bit more water to move about as it is washed. This is easily solved by adding more water or just selecting your own water level.

The soft close glass lid is nice touch allowing you to see inside during the wash cycle. There is no agitator in the middle of the drum which I initially thought would be gentler on clothes as I have always used top loaders with agitators. The problem with no agitator is that your clothes end up in a tangled mess! The lint filter is on the side of the drum that is easy to remove. Not sure why they called it a “magic” filter if you need to remove the lint  from the filter yourself!

The other problem with the Samsung 8kg washer is that the drainage hose is on the left side of the machine (if you are facing the machine) not at the back. Not great if your sink is on the right side as the drainage hose is not very long! The other issue is the water level is a bit strange, low is ridiculous, medium is like low and high is about medium and extra high is full.

The Samsung washing machine comes equipped with the innovative Smart Check, that helps to detect and diagnose errors at an early stage and provides troubleshooting solutions through the use of a compatible Samsung smartphone with LED scanning.

Samsung 8kg top load washing machine


  • See through lid
  • Soft closing lid
  • Plays a melody when wash is done
  • You can switch off the sound
  • Machine switches itself off when washing is done
  • Detergent draw
  • Tub clean program


  • Clothes get tangled
  • Drainage hose is on the left side not at the back
  • Water levels are strange


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