Simpson Ezi set 9.5kg washing machine review

The Simpson Ezi set 9.5kg washing machine is an inexpensive large capacity top load washing machine. As the name suggests it is a simple no fuss machine. If you are after diamond technology or a machine that senses how much water is needed for every wash then this is not the machine for you.

I had a 7kg Simpson top load washing machine that lasted almost 30 years, so the logical decision was to get another Simpson’s washing machine. The 9.5kg capacity is great because I only have to do a load of washing a week. Clothes come out clean and dry. Does what it’s supposed to do so I am happy with it.

One of the issues with this machine is that when doing a load of washing, make sure clothes or sheets are distributed evenly when placing into spin tub otherwise it may become unbalanced during the wash, causing the spin tub to bang against the side of the machine during the spin cycle. This will cause it to stop and beep. You will need to redistribute things evenly before it can continue with the wash otherwise the same thing will happen again.

I have found this is more of a problem when washing sheets that have a greater weight difference when wet, not much of a problem when I have washed clothes. This can be annoying but I’ve always used a top loading machine so I’m use to it.

The Ezi set washing machine has an agitator in the middle of the spin tub which rotates (agitates) back and forth during the wash which I feel gives a better clean than front load machines but it’s a matter of perspective really. The good thing about a top load washing machine is that when the machine is filled with water and the clothes are soaking, I can always add a couple more pieces of clothing before it is washed that can not be done with front loaders.

It has a rotary dial to choose the type of wash from cold wash to delicate or hand wash, to rinse and spin or simply drain and spin. Then there are push buttons to choose the water level, temperature, soak time and rinse option. As you select the wash options you can see the time remaining displayed. Though it seems like the wash takes longer than the time displayed. Once a load is done the machine beeps to let you know and will continue to beep at intervals until you switch it off.

I’ve used this machine for three years now and so far so good.

During installation, make sure you remove the plastic straps under the machine. The straps attaches the wash tub to the legs so that it does not move during transportation. You will need to lift up one side of the machine to access the straps.

My machine was installed by the delivery guy and he did not cut of the plastic strap. And I did not read the installation instructions. Let’s just say that the first couple of washes was not good. I thought the machine was going to end up on the other side of the room because it shook so violently during the spin cycle. I actually thought the machine was faulty! Turns out I’m not the only one who has experienced this! Phew!


Unbalanced problems
Many people seem to be having a lot of problems with the machine becoming unbalanced during the spin cycle (E17 code). I’ve used the Ezi set for about 4 years now and this hasn’t been much of a problem for me.

Recently a family member who usually washes a small load of work wear every week, never had a problem with the machine becoming unbalanced got the E17 code during the last spin cycle. The clothes were rearranged but the same thing happened. So we tried the drain and spin option to remove the water from the clothes but it kept unbalancing! The annoying thing with the drain and spin option is that the machine agitates the clothes (why?) before it starts spinning which moves the clothes around therefore causing the clothes to end up on one side of the machine and making it unbalanced (instead of just spinning straight away like the old Simpson machine I had prior). This happened a couple of times, I took the clothes out of the machine and put them back in making sure they were distributed evenly but every time I opened the lid after an E17 error all the clothes were on one side of the tub. I took the clothes out, put them back in again and wanted to kick the machine out of frustration, but instead tried putting the water level which was on ‘low’ to ‘medium’ to start the drain and spin option again and shock horror, no more errors! I found that very interesting! Will see if this is a problem next week!

Sept 2016
It’s been a couple of months since the balancing problem mentioned above, haven’t had the same problem, have had the E17 code a couple of times but not as bad as above, however have had the odd EFO (according to the manual is due too much suds causing motor temperature overload) code which I’ve never seen before. I found that if you pause the machine, rearrange the clothes/sheets and start it again it works because I thought it might just be unbalanced. If you just open the lid and rearrange and close the lid again it doesn’t work. Don’t know if it’s just my imagination but the machine sounds a little different since the EFO code started to appear.

Dec 2016
After the last issue mentioned above, I cleaned the machine by soaking the tub with epsom salt and hot water and have not had any more errors since.

Mar 2018
After 7 years of use the machine finally died! 6 months after the extended warranty ended that I purchased with the machine! Doh!



  • Large 9.5kg capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Soak function, you can set it to soak for a set time before it begins the wash cycle
  • Adding additional clothing while the clothes are soaking before a wash


  • I think it takes longer to wash than is indicated
  • Cleaning the filter
  • Don’t know what stage the wash cycle¬† is up to as shows time remaining
  • Having to reposition clothing/sheets/towels when the machine becomes unbalanced



  1. I truly hate this machine. It has been nothing but a pain since the day I bought it. The E17 problem got so bad that I had to replace the stabilizer rods this seemed to fix it. The fascia panel that holds the controls split so had that replaced and it has happened again. If you turn it off at the knob on the front a red light stays on all night the technician told me that its there so the techs know the power is on, they must have known when they built the damn thing that techs would be out quite often. We turn it off at the switch on the back. My latest problem is it keeps beeping and throwing an Err code who knows what the hell that it not got to the bottom of that yet. The filter has turned to cement for some reason you just cannot clean it. DO NOT BUY THIS MACHINE

  2. This machine is so annoying. E17 coming up so much lately even after rearranging clothes time and time again. Changed cycles, temp, water amount. Nothing works. So frustrating cause now we are empty nesters and after using so many times over the last 4 years, sometimes 3 times a day, now maybe once or twice a week and this happens. Last thing wanted was to have to get another machine.

    1. Have you tried giving it a soak with epsom salt? It’s in the manual somewhere about cleaning it. After I soaked my machine, I have not had any errors since (knock on wood!). I wonder if it’s a build up of suds that is causing so many issues?

  3. Stay away from this machine – also nothing but trouble, E17, unbalanced loads continuously. Cheap quality manufacturing. If your still not sure, please listen carefully DO NOT BUY THIS MACHINE!!

  4. I have had nothing but trouble with one of these machines since the day I brought it. Ended up getting the first machine replaced due to the fact the technicians couldn’t fix the first machine. And this replacement machine is just the pits. E17 errors all over the place and various outher issues. I wish I had never bothered with this brand and product

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