Shark Navigator Lift Away review

  • Guaranteed No Loss of Suction Technology
  • Swivel Steering Makes it Easy to Maneuver
  • Unique Detachable Canister for Portable Cleaning Convenience
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology™ Traps 99.99% of Dust Inside of Vacuum
  • Large Capacity, Bottom-Empty Dust Cup



They had me at “No Loss of Suction”.

A vacuum that promises no loss of section and not to spew the dust back out with the complete seal technology (great for allergy sufferers) was like a dream come true for me! I have cream coloured carpets and dark hair, so was in need of a vacuum that would pick up the hair while I vacuumed and not lose suction when I got to the second room.

The Shark Navigator seems to tick all the boxes but does it deliver?


First impressions

My first impression of the Shark Navigator Lift Away is that it is heavier than I thought. It weighs 5.4kg. I’ve never used an upright vacuum before so for an upright it may be light or average? It feels quite solid and well made. I was a little worried that it might be a bit flimsy (from some of the reviews that I read and watched). My only concern is the latches on either side of the canister that attaches it to the machine.

Does the Shark Navigator live up to it’s promises?


No Loss of Suction?

I vacuumed the whole house without emptying the dust canister and I didn’t notice any loss of suction. It has 1200W of power which is enough power to pick up the hairs off my carpet. I had to decrease the suction power when I used the handheld tools to dust tables or other surfaces because it will pretty much suck anything up that isn’t bolted down.

I recently emptied 1.5kg of bi-carb onto my carpets (4 rooms, after I had vacuumed the carpets) to freshen them up. Used the Navigator (not turned on) over the bi-carb to spread it over and into the carpet. Then vacuumed all the bi-carb off without emptying the cannister and didn’t notice any loss of suction.


Swivel Steering?

Excellent swivel steering. So easy to maneuver that I switch hands and vacuum with my left hand when my arm gets tired. It’s that easy to use!

Unique Detachable Canister / Large Capacity, Bottom-Empty Dust Cup?

Emptying the cannister couldn’t be easier, the bottom flips open with a click of a button. I wouldn’t recommend emptying it inside as dust will go everywhere. There is a smaller compartment inside the canister where the screen filter sits and sometimes dust gets caught on the bit where the smaller compartment is attached to the canister. This is easily solved by jiggling the canister upside down to loosen. The top of the canister also opens up with a click which is handy to retrieve things that you accidentally vacuumed (have done it many times).


Complete Seal Technology™?

It blows a fair amount of hot air out of the front of the Shark but there is no smell of dust.


Other issues

There are 2 filter pads (a thick foam filter and a thinner felt filter underneath) that sit under the canister. The foam filter gets very dirty after each vacuum so you need to tap the dust off them after each use and wash every few months. After the first month of use, I noticed that the foam filter is not as foamy anymore but a little hard/brittle when I tore it while hitting it against my hand to get rid of the dust!

The flexible hose is a bit short when using the handheld tools. Usually when I am dusting tables or other surfaces, one hand does the vacuuming and the other hand moves things around on the table to stop it from getting vacuumed but with the Shark, my other hand has to hold the canister so sometimes things get picked up by the vacuum that shouldn’t be. I worked out that if I didn’t detach the canister my other hand was free to move objects around but be sure to keep the vacuum next to your leg so that it won’t fall over. Also, the handle is a bit bulky so it’s hard to dust small spaces with the handheld tools.

After 2 years of use, the flexible hose started to break/uncoil which I had to super glue together until I can get a replacement part. Replacement parts can only be purchased from the distributor of the Shark.



Glad I got the Shark Navigator, does a great job and does what it promises. My carpets looks and feels cleaner and vacuuming feels quicker. I don’t have to vacuum the hair off the carpet first which is what I did before with my old Wertheim vac. Having never used an upright vacuum before, I did find the Shark Navigator a little bulky but the benefits out weigh the negatives!



  • Good powerful suction
  • No loss of suction
  • Easy swivel steering
  • Motorised brush head
  • Easy to empty canister
  • Moves easily from one floor surface to another (carpet to tiles)


  • Heavy
  • Flexible hose too short
  • Prone to falling over if not on even ground or if you happen to pull on the cord or knock it
  • Filter gets quite dirty after each vacuum
  • The handle is a bit bulky when using handheld tools to dust small spaces


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