Herbatint permanent hair colour gel

I have been colouring my hair for a long time now and I have tried quite a lot of hair colourants out there.  It use to be just the everyday hair colourant from the supermarket.  Then I moved on to the permanent colourant because the supermarket ones were only semi permanant. I have 30 – 40 % grey hair so I needed a hair colourant that would cover the grey and the supermarket ones didn’t cover greys very well.  My permanent solution was to use the ones that hairdresser used – mixing the colourant and tube of colour myself.  Those were harsher and the smell of amonia was very strong.  So I decided to go “natural”.  These “natural” hair colourants claim to have natural ingredients but they do contain some chemicals.

Herbatint was the first “natural” hair colourant that I used and was pleasantly surprised with the results.  They cost more than the average supermarket brands but you don’t have to put up with the smell of ammonia and the stinging.

Herbatint permanent herbal hair colour gel box contains the hair colourant, developer, conditioner, gloves and instructions.

You will need a container to pour the colourant and the developer together to mix.  It has a subtle pleasant scent, not overpowering.  It has a gel like consistency and is easy to apply.

When it was time to wash the colour out, my hair felt like straw and matted together.  I was a little worried that it had damaged my hair!  But once I  shampooed and conditioned my hair, it felt soft and moisturised.

I was concerned that it might not cover my grey hair so well because it felt more gentle on my hair and there was no strong smell of ammonia that I was so use to.  However, there was no need for concern because the grey hairs were gone and the condition of my hair was actually better after using Herbatint.


  • covers grey hair
  • leaves hair soft and vibrant
  • long lasting colour
  • no ammonia smell
  • no stinging


  • need a container to mix colourant and developer
  • hair feels like straw during the development time



Herbally based permanent hair colour gel

Herbatint is the first organically based permanent hair colour gel with added benefit of having the capability of covering grey/white hair without the use of ammonia. With 30 shades in the range there are colours which are totally intermixable, allowing for the achievement of any colour result desired.

Colour out. Our product uses a natural herbal base with no ammonia. Utilising the many beneficial properties obtained from the berbal extracts and protiens, Herbatint gently colours and protects the sensitive structure of your hair giving a deep natural gloss and brilliance. You can also lighten your hair colour by approximately one shade using Herbatint.

Herbatint is able to cover white or grey hair gently and without causing damage to your hair, which enables the chosen colour to last much longer. The natural series colours from 1N to 8N give 100% coverage of grey hair. In order to achieve total grey hair coverage with the Ash, Golden, Copper and Mahogany series of colours, it is suggested you mix the chosen colour (40ml) with a natural (N) series of the same number (20ml). For example: Your hair is chestnut and your selected colour is Copper Chestnut. Mix 40ml of Herbatint 4R (Copper Chestnut) with 20ml of Herbatint 4N (Chestnut).

Herbatint can be used even if a chemical dye has been used to colour your hair. If your hair has been permed please bear in mind that your hair is more porous than usual, so select one shade lighter than usual for the best results. Herbatint cannot provide 100% colouring power for hennaed hair which still has henna present, as henna creates a coating around the hair.

The Herbatint pack contains enough for up to two applications, depending on your hair length.

Why Herbatint?

It is the first most natural hair-colouring gel to be free of harsh chemicals and ammonia. It incorporates protiens, botanicals and natural vegetal extracts such as Cinchona, Rhubarb and Walnut, nutrients that give hair its deep, natural shine and vibrant, healthy colour.

It provides nourishment, protection and conditioning to both the hair and scalp. It offers a safe, gentle and effective way for covering normal grey hair with just 1 application. Fort long hair use complete contents of package. For medium to short hair contents should allow for two applications. It lightens by one or two tones without hurting the hair structure.

It is available in 30 rich shades and is easy to use. It is formulated by Herbavita, the leading European hair colour specialists (sold in 25 countries), with over 30 years of experience in developing natural hair care products for beautiful hair.


As with any hair colour system, the success of these products depends very much upon following the instructions given on the product packs, the condition of your hair and the colour you choose. Although Herbatint/Vegetal are gentle products, they may stain your fingernails so the use of gloves is advised. Dry, permed, treated and grey hair tends to be more porous than normal hair and will therefore take upp colours more readily. The effect will be a more intense colour and this should be borne in mind when selecting which colour you require. Always test products on a small piece of your own hair, before undertaking the complete treatment. It is particularly important to leave the products on for the times given. Colours may appear much more intense or even totally different whilst processing takes place. They will not therefore correspond to the colours in the colour chart until the full processing time has elasped. We strongly recommend the use of the Herbavita Normalising Shampoo and the Royal Cream each time the hair is coloured, to prolong the life of the colour and ensure perfect condition every time. This is particularly important after using Herbatint.

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