Clearly Natural Essentials, Natural Soap, Vitamin E

The Clearly Natural Essentials Vitamin E soap is a natural soap without the nasties and won’t dry out your skin. Available in many different varieties from unscented to Lemon to Aloe vera.I had being using Dove soap for a very long time but it always left my skin dry even though it contained “moisturiser” and every time I changed to a different brand of soap it made me itchy.

I was pleasantly surprised after using the Clearly natural essentials vitamin E soap, my skin felt clean and not dry at all and more importantly it didn’t make me itchy! It has a nice pleasant scent. I have tried the aloe vera, cucumber and green apple soaps but I have to say the vitamin E is my favourite. Love this soap. It doesn’t lather as well as Dove or other branded soaps I’ve used but I’ll take that any day over dry skin and itchiness!

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  • Natural
  • Doesn’t dry out skin


  • none

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